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3 Piece Trial Pack

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Main Feature:-
1- Chlorine Free
2- Eco-Friendly
3- Plant-Based
4- Super Fast Absorbency
5- Disposable Tape
6- Odorless

Made from Natural based material keeps the baby safe & comfy. It keeps your baby’s skin healthy all night long & during daytime play.

Made from reforestation plant-based material makes our diaper is the most eco-friendly diaper ever produced.

Chlorine bleaching produces dioxins, a potential cancer-causing trigger. That’s why we’re very strict in ensuring that our diapers are formulated without chlorine so that you can have peace of mind.

Lovingly wrapped with a luxuriously soft plant-based inner and outer sheet, your baby’s bottom is cushioned in cottony comfort.

Designed with a super-absorbent, FSC-certified wood pulp core, these diapers soak up fluids like a sponge to keep your baby’s bottom dry and comfy for up to 8-10 hours.* Perfect for day and overnight usage. When your little one sleeps through the night, you do too.